7 Ways on How to Preserve Wildlife

Many years back, keeping wildlife safe has been a challenge both to the ordinary people and the government. Wild animals need care and respect just like humans, but it is painful how they treat them, and that is why there are many cases of being attacked by wild animals all around the globe. It is everyone’s responsibility to take care of wildlife, and that is why we came up with the seven ways to preserve wildlife which includes;


  • Anti-poaching

Poaching is the illegal hunting of wild animals that have been going on for centuries now. In the past local people hunted for food, but commercial hunting wildlife for bushmeat and selling of animals body parts is unacceptable. However, governments had to ban poaching and named it an illegal business, but it is still at the top as a multi-billion industry.  Although it is out of our hands as local people, the only support we can offer is to stop poaching, and we can do it by supporting the trained personnel’s in whatever way we can, either financially or mentally. They are in for us to help us fight against poachers.


  • Rescue and rehabilitation


There exist various rehabilitation and rescue centers specialized in wild animals such as orphaned rhinos, primates and birds of prey. Some are even more specialized on injured wildlife that is at times affected due to humans and wildlife conflict. As ordinary people, we should assist those who took the steps already to conserve the wildlife. We can help by donating food, money and medical instruments for nursing and rescuing the animals.


  • Creation of sanctuaries


Mostly not all of the rescued animals can be released. Some illnesses and injuries heal incompletely making survival in the wild impossible. Moreover, some animals get so attached to the humans that it cannot hurt them, it becomes friendly. If the animal is set free or taken back to the wild, it will die, that is why they need sanctuaries. Ordinary people will be able to learn much from them.


  • Human-wildlife conflict


We know that if we humans live close to the wildlife, a”war” might occur. Take for instance an elephant it reaches a time that an elephant destroys food on the farm; lions attack cattle’s; cheetahs steal goats and many other incidences. Humans will react by killing the animals whenever they see them. The solution is providing alternatives for the residence, by getting guard dogs in the goat’s herd to keep cheetahs away, light and sirens to scare off the lion and so on.


  • Tree planting


Trees are homes for wildlife. Tree planting is a favorable way to help preserve wildlife. Forests minimize human and wild animal conflict. By doing this, we can increase our source for the best tea tree oil for skin!


  • Supporting the initiative


We can show support for the protection of wildlife by visiting game parks, conservation centers and national reserves during vacations. The money spent during these tours help in clothing, and feeding the rangers. It also facilitates their operations.


  • Volunteering


We should volunteer to help wildlife in any way we can. We can support them financially through the rangers so that they do not have to go through troubles of maintaining the animals.